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The GOAL OF THE CALL is to see how Zen Ed Academy™

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  • Reduce or Eliminate Emotional & Energetic Overwhelm
  • Create A Stronger Mental & Emotional Foundation
  • Build Self Confidence
  • Trust Your Intuition
  • Improve Overall Mental & Emotional Well-Being
  • Increased Ability To Handle Tough Life Situations
  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety
  • Feel More Connected & Present In Your Life
  • Develop Stronger Relationships & Boundaries With People
  • Connect Deeper To Yourself & Others

My Life Purpose is to help people grow, and that is exactly what is going to happen on this call.
If you qualify, I will be sharing our paid program as an opportunity to level up.

If You Are NOT Mentally, Emotional AND Financially Ready & Willing To Invest In Your Growth,

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Before your application, we have a short story for you...


This is an opportunity for you to share your story, and get feedback, clarity & insight from a professional who wants to help YOU on your journey.

David has worked with thousands of clients worldwide and spent tens of thousands of client hours helping people solve some of life's greatest challenges.

That means he has seen a lot of the common problems that most people face, and understands the best solutions to get people from WTF to HELL YES!

Not only does he GENUINELY want to help people from a deep soul place, but he also wants to help more people create an even bigger impact on the world.

At the end of the call, if you are qualified, David will be sharing our paid program, and answering any questions you have. There is no obligation, and you WILL walk away with more clarity and guidance on your journey.

Imagine, having someone who has worked with thousands of people just like you, and heard thousands of stories, like yours, who is genuinely interested in hearing your story, without judgement.

What would it feel like to have someone to talk to who actually hears you?

Meet Your Host!

David A Caren, C.Ht

Master Hypnotherapist, Neuro Nerd, Helper Of People By Nature!

Bringer of Brain Juice 🤯, Tamer of Wild Unicorns 🦄 & Wayward Fairies 🧚‍♀️
10,000+ Sessions with 2,000+ Clients Worldwide & 400+ 5-Star Client Reviews

Co-Founder Of The Intuitive Awakening Community™, The Zen Head Community™, Zen Ed Academy™ & Zen Rose Garden™

*This call is NOT right for everyone. There is an application & vetting process.

Minimum Criteria:


These are some #ZenTuitives™ who jumped on the Strategy Call


These are some of our #ZenHeads™ in

Zen Ed Academy™ (The Paid Program)

Neema has a beautiful story that goes from human trafficking to human triumph! Neema always finds exactly what she needs in Zen Ed Academy™ no matter what she's going through! Neema, we are tremendously proud to be a part of your journey, and excited to see where you go from here! As we've said before, Neema... welcome back to LIFE! You've EARNED IT!

Zen Ed Academy™ Member


Julie has such a tremendous heart and such a willingness to help in any way she can, without over extending. We are blessed to have her as a part of the crew in Zen Ed Academy™! AND that accent is so endearing! She always faces the next thing with confidence and skills, and continues to show up for herself! We're proud of you Julie!

Zen Ed Academy™ Member


Shae found us on a whim at the beginning of Covid-19 Quarantine, and decided to stay! Her existence and relationship to her self changed in just an hour! Shae nailed it with how driven we are to genuinely help you get to whatever your next level is! Shae, you are one AMAZING cheerleader, and we're so excited you're on our team!

Zen Ed Academy™ Member


Jeff came to us wanting so desperately to learn Mediumship to find peace knowing that life continues. He's also dealt with lots of criticism for his journey, and in just a few short DAYS, found that peace!
Jeff knows he now has the tools and skills he needs to follow his life long passion, and couldn't be more excited!

Zen Ed Academy™ Member


Aaron has already come a long way from fear and overwhelm and in such a short time we've been blessed to witness his transformation from the dark though to the light!  Aaron, we're so glad you found your way out of the dark cave and back into the light of the world again, replacing the fear with confidence. Keep coming back to YOUR truth!

Zen Ed Academy™ Member


Jo came to us after over a YEAR of searching, looking and digging for something to help on her journey... She took the leap, and within the 1st HOUR of joining, she realized JUST HOW GIFTED she already was! Just by joining a practice, she could compare herself to others who were also gifted, and could FINALLY feel at home!

Zen Ed Academy™ Member


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